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A list of trends to incorporate in your daily life. 2020 edition. We‘d like to present you a short summary of what‘s hot this season, and what trends you‘ll want to ditch.

1. The casual look. Being effortless and natural this season is IN. The era of facetuned instagram faces is coming to an end, so show off your natural beauty this year!

2. Ugly shoes. You either love them or hate them, there‘s no in between. But they‘ll definitely have a moment this year.

3. Return of the archive bag. Check your mom‘s closet, because archive bags are making a well deserved comeback.

4. Reusing old printed tees. Why buy something new, when you can easily redesign something you‘ve already got? It‘s unique, non-wasteful and also a trend this season! So keep that in mind, when you‘ll have an urge to buy a Zara T-shirt for 30$. This was a summary of an article we found at dazeddigital.com.

Link for the full experience and insights – https://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/47421/1/spring-2020-fashion-predictions-trends-prada-reissue-balenciaga-zen-nike-rift

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