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One widely known model Winnie Harlow has said ,,Celebrate your unique beauty every day’’. Unfortunately we still don’t appreciate UNIQUENESS enough, we’re trapped in society’s conventional understanding of beauty and keep comparing ourselves to others. This type of behaviour should change.

Some of you might have noticed that the idea of UNIQUE beauty has become a trend in recent years. We are constantly seeing various articles videos, posts, promoting this idea. Such examples, as Tsunaina, Madeline Stuart, Rain Dove, Devon Aoki show that nothing is impossible and that the world is full of many unique, astonishing and sometimes even shockingly beautiful people. It is becoming clear that uniqueness has taken over the world and that is not about to change. “Strange”, “Ugly” (who can determine what is ugly anyway?). Being different is an undeniable bonus in the fashion industry.

All the “strange”, “different”, possibly “exotic” looking people – you are amazing! Please embrace your differences and don’t forget that even if you don’t feel unique or special, you are. Every person is different in the most amazing way possible. Let this be an inspiration, not something that holds us down. The beauty that matters is the one that starts within and everything else is just a possibility for self expression that should make only one person happy – you.

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