bns prisoner in prison of standards
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“Prison of Standards”

Real snakes, champagne, prison cells, the best dj’s, tattoo artist and real underground vibes. Sounds quite non-standard? Yes, that’s what we love the most. You could experience all these things at our very first party on Thursday, November 7th and it was absolutely amazing. At the beginning, some guests were kindly surprised and some were shocked because they were greeted with real snakes. That’s how we introduce people to our new logo which includes a little snake.

So, we presented our new collection “Prison of Standards” by creating live performance of people in prison cells who wore our new clothing. This party showed us that so many people believe in us and love what we do. Everyone was so excited about the show and new merchandise – turtlenecks with barbed wire, totebag with skulls and metal chain handles, street style tactical vests and t-shirts with Russian BNS logo and metal chain necklaces.

It’s still hard to choose words to express emotions after this event. We are already thinking about our second time, however, we have no clue when and where it will take place, but we can promise that IT WILL DEFINITELLY HAPPEN. So, let’s be together and stay tuned. And now, you can check our new collection on www.billynotsilly.com because it’s officially AVAILABLE.

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