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We are really proud to say that BNS clothing is always combined with second hand goods in our photoshoots. Why second hand, and why we take such pride in it you may ask? Well, buying second hand apparel is not only easier on the pocket, it also plays a huge part in environmental protection. The same goes for buying your local designers‘ attire, instead of chain labels, that focus on mass production (not naming any names, but we‘re sure you all know;)) . In case you forgot – supporting local businesses is better for the environment because of a smaller carbon footprint compared to larger companies. Let‘s not forget to mention that fast fashion companies are taking a big part in water pollution as well as the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste. Vibrant colors, fabric finishes and fun prints may be appealing to the eye, but most of these are attained with toxic chemicals.

Another thing worth mentioning is the working conditions of people, making your 5€ T-shirt. Their pay is extremely low (30€ a month!!!) compared to the excessive hours they have to work (12 – 14 hours a day). To an average european this would be an insult, rather than an acceptable job offer, but sadly this is the reality of thousands if not millions of people around the globe. Choose wisely. It’s better to get really fine quality clothing and wear it for a thousand times. That‘s exactly what we focus on at BNS. And what a good feeling it is to know, that you personally contribute to helping the environment and putting a stop to human labour.

Let’s stop buying fast fashion, or at least try to buy it as little as possible – step by step we can change the world for the better. Let’s support LOCAL designers/brands. REUSE and reuse and reuse and reuse. We have to endeavor as much as we can.

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